Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Life Lessons from The Saint, The Surfer & The CEO

There are times in life when living our truth becomes harder and harder. We are faced with temptations that we simply cannot resist and fall prey to what the Kabbalah calls our evil inclinations. We are tempted away from our path and into the fork in the road which takes us down a different path to the one we know is the right one!

As all roads lead to Rome, I have realised that perhaps the forks in the road are a necessary evil to get us back on track and knowing what is our truth and what matters most. I've learned that living by our highest values is what gives us joy and fulfillment and when I have gone down various paths that are not aligned with my truth I have felt the pain that comes with it.

So why does the path present itself in the first place? Why if a person is bad for us do they come into our lives? I have often heard and more often spoken the words myself which go something like 'But if this was bad for me why did God bring this into my life' or we assess whether to be in a relationship and wonder why God would bring a person to us if we weren't meant to be with them??

A very wise Rabbi recently answered that question for me. He gave me an analogy to chocolate and gluten, both of which are not good for me, give me allergies and reactions which I feel for days to come. The temptation is always there and just the same in life....people will be sent to us so that we can learn to be stronger, make better choices, know our truth and stick to it. We are sent the 'bad' ones so we learn to recognise the 'bad' choices that we make and the reasons we keep making them just as we do by eating the chocolate knowing that it will give us an outcome which is less than favourable.

My Rabbi told me that I can continue eating the chocolate but I also know the outcome and consequences of my decision. Life is exactly the same....we are presented with the temptations, the things we dont have the strength to say no to and we are given a test of will, a test of whether we truly believe in what is important and a test to see if we will give that up or become stronger.

Our truth is our guiding light and our road map to our best life. We can take a detour but our internal GPS will always command us to do a U-turn and come back to what we know will make us most happiest. The hard part is letting go of all the things, distractions, people and places that take us away from our true path and find the courage to live our truth each and every day in every possible way! Each day is a test to see whether we really will do whatever it takes to make our dreams a reality and to make our lives a living reflection of what is in our hearts and our souls.....

Many years ago I read 'The Saint, The Surfer & CEO'. A book which inspired me greatly and allowed me to see that we can learn life's lessons from living like a saint, a surfer & a CEO. That living our truth comes from aligning ourselves with the soul of a saint and living a spiritual life, the surfer who rides the wave and is free as he creates a life that he loves which is not dictated by anyone else and the CEO who becomes a creator of the work they love to do and is in the business of making a difference in the world.

Robin Sharma's book has helped me live my hearts desires and create a life that I love!!!
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