Monday, August 23, 2010

Opportunies to start Ashleigh Austen

One woman’s disappointment is another one’s dreams?

What happens when the hopes and dreams we had are broken by the very people we thought would make them come true. I was walking through the hustle and bustle of the city when I noticed something which answered this very question.

It was a window full of broken dreams and disappointments. It was a trade in jewellery store.With all of the glistening gold and gems I couldn’t help but wonder what each piece meant to the women who previously owned them. The exhilarated feeling you get when your partner hands you a small box (especially if it’s blue) is short lived for some women.

Jewellery has such a special place in a woman's life. I often recall my very own pieces and the stories which they tell and the memories which they hold of a moment in time.

How each piece ended up in this crammed window is unsure. Every woman would have received their very own box from their special someone and it would have held prized possession on her tallboy. Yet here, in this window is rows and rows of crammed jewels, not a single item had a special place amongst the others.

As my eyes scanned over each piece briefly, sadness washed over me as I wondered of the tainted nature of the gorgeous engagement rings. Why had their owners slipped them off their fingers and into the hands of a shady looking pawn shop dealer?

But now, this jewellery stands for sale, longing for someone to come along and cherish it by adorning it on their slim hand or draping it across a feminine collarbone. Call me a traditionalist, but I’m a big believer that there is method in the means. I just wouldn’t feel right opening a box that my partner has given me with a ring that I didn’t know the story behind.

When I receive a ring, I want it to be special, my very own story, and my very own new beginning. That’s the thing about jewellery: it’s so intensely personal that when you chose to part with it; there is always a reason behind the motive.

With the GFC, perhaps the owner fell on financial hard times and had to part with their favourite ruby ring to make ends meet. Although more often than not, these women fell out of love, somehow or another and everything that special ring, necklace, bracelet represented, is no longer.

Jewellery, amidst its obvious costs is a special engagement. Perhaps not always to marriage, but to I’m sorry, to I love you or to happy birthday. Jewellery represents a celebration and long after the celebration has ended, the jewellery remains, perhaps just in a crammed window downtown amongst other women’s long forgotten hopes and dreams.

But the beauty about fashion and jewellery is that we can begin anew, we can start all over again with every season, collection or moment we wish to capture and there are some designers and brands like Samantha Wills who seem to give us women a renewed sense of hope. When all else has been stripped away and only the memories of the broken dreams remain we have the gift of starting over in style. Now that's opportunity shopping with a new meaning!

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